I am a street photographer living and working in Chicago, IL. My father was in the USAF and served during the conflict in Vietnam where he took many street style photographs while stationed in Saigon. I vividly recall seeing these images as a child. The truth of them never left me. I knew I had to be a photographer. These were images of a place I could not have dreamed of and they were so beautiful and strange. I wanted to create and live in those worlds.

I bought my first camera when I was 17 and purchased it from a man who lived in a trailer on the north side of Springfield. It was a Canon AE-1. My father showed me the basic workings of the camera and gave me a book to read. The rest came with practice and time.

I work almost entirely in black and white film but occasionally use color slide film, Mini DV, and, 8mm Video.

I find inspiration in the works of Kertez, Steiglitz, Bresson and Frank. I learned the most from Bresson but draw a lot, if now just as much, from painters, Degas and Hopper in particular.

My work focuses on human beings in relationship to their constantly changing surroundings. 
My aim as a photographer is to show man in relation to his own nature and creations and how we all struggle to find a place. I am constantly seeking new images and ideas, new ways of seeing.